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en aw 2117 aluminium united arab emirates

Common raw materials

Forging display

CNC processing

United Arab Emirates Aluminium; alloys, wire, maximum

United Arab Emirates imports of Aluminium; alloys, wire, maximum cross-sectional dimension exceeding 7mm was $3,788.65K and quantity 947,584Kg. United Arab



2015813 · EN AW-2117/AlCu2.5Mg AlCu2.5Mg0.5/3.1305 2117(A-U2G) 2117/A92117 2214 ~AK8/1380 EN AW-2214/AlCu4SiMg(B) 2214/A92214 2218 A2218



1050A (A5) 1050A (1B) Al 99.7/3.0275 Al 99/3.0205. 1070A (A7) 11010 (A45) 1200A (A4) 1350 1200A (1C) 1350 (IE) 19000. A0 A5E. EN AW-1200/Al99.0 EN AW


Aluminum 2117 Alloy (UNS A92117) -