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MultiMET: A Multimodal Dataset for Metaphor

1  · In this paper, we introduce MultiMET, a novel multimodal metaphor dataset to facilitate understanding metaphorical information from multimodal text and image. It contains 10,437 text-image pairs from a range of sources with multimodal annotations of the occurrence of metaphors, domain relations, sentiments metaphors convey, and author

: Dongyu Zhang, Minghao Zhang, Heting Zhang, Liang Yang, Hongfei Lin

ACL2021 ...

202158 · ACL2021,“MultiMET: A Multimodal Dataset for Metaphor Understanding”“Hate Speech Detection Based on Sentiment Knowledge Sharing”。. ACL3350, ...



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2021526 · : MultiMET: A Multimodal Dataset for Metaphor Understanding :,。 ,。


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