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15-25 high copper alloy

Common raw materials

Forging display

CNC processing


Wrought Copper Alloys: High Copper Alloys (C16000 -

2022622 · Application Datasheet Standard Designation for Wrought Copper Alloys Revision Date: June 22, 2022 High Copper Alloys (C16000 - C19999) * = are alloys

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Full article: Copper-based alloys for structural high-heat

2020108 · Power function constants for high-heat-flux Cu alloys (a) step loaded secondary steady state creep and (b) constant load, secondary, steady state tensile

: Robert P. Minneci, Eric A. Lass, Jeffrey R. Bunn, Hahn Choo, Claudia J. Rawn

Innovations in Copper: Electrical and Metallurgy of