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Traffic in Cuba

143.79. CO 2 Emission Index: 1,733.33. We estimate that in this country, due to travelling to work/school, per passenger is produced yearly 416.00kg of CO 2. It is needed 19.11


Traffic, Regulations & Police in Cuba (2021) -

20221219 · 80 km/h on federal roads. 60 km/h on country roads. 50 km/h in towns. 40 km/h in front of schools and playgrounds. The first rule is always to drive slow and


Cuba Driving Guide: Road Rules & Advice

Cuba's road network consists of 29,850 km paved roads and 31,038 km unpaved roads. Driving in Havana is a little bit complicated, but it is manageable. Cuba's other busy cities


Traffic Accidents and Road Safety - U.S. Embassy in Cuba

201689 · Visitors should be aware that driving in Cuba carries many risks. Many roads and vehicles are poorly maintained and drivers found responsible for accidents


Transportation Infrastructure in a Free Cuba: How to Meet